The MiTi Initiator Team

"So much potential. Too much mess. We have to sort this out!";

Peter Gipters has 10 years of experience, leadership and extraordinary accomplishments in the barter and trade industry. He is the founder and CEO of
Deutsche Kompensation and has been instrumental in guiding all aspects of Deutsche Kompensation's entry into the industry, including designing and developing the brand “Deutsche Kompensation”, the business-to-business, Internet e-commerce system that is the foundation for Deutsche Kompensation‘s online marketplace - named MyFugger - and distribution channels for nationwide barter and trade.

Peter founded Deutsche Kompensation, at the time, the first and only Internet-based transactional trade banking system in Germany that enabled barter transactions, trade finance and asset auctions between small- and medium-sized national and international companies.

In 2013 Deutsche Kompensation took over the SME-exchange-network of Marwiko AG, creating the largest trade exchange in Germany.

Berlin, Germany

"Community is Our Currency, Capacity is Your Currency"

Richard is the founder of GETS (Global Exchange Trading Systems) and has been involved in the Trade Exchange industry since the early nineties and operates TBEx (The Business Exchange) a Peer to Peer Mutual Credit Clearing System based in Scotland and has established a large network of contacts in the Complementary Currency industry across the globe. Richard has been engaged as a speaker at several international economic conferences in North America, Europe and Asia with the most recent being a TEDx talk in Leeds UK and the World Riba Conference in Kula Lumpa Malaysia. Richard has become a passionate student of the monetary system and its effect it has on society by using his experience in Engineering and Finance, particularly in the social enterprise aspect of peer-to-peer mutual credit and community currencies, and how such systems can provide huge benefit to local and rural communities in this economic climate if operated properly.

Richard identified the main obstacle to existing trading systems was the lack of trust, transparency and accountability and after studying closely the impact that trading without standards and quality procedures created he became convinced for the need for Common Standards, Quality Procedures, Transparency and with Mandatory Industry Accreditation and most importantly mutual ownership and shared responsibility, and so was born the GETS philosophy, vision and technology. As a past IRTA Global board Director and Chairman of Universal Currency (UC) for 6 years  and recognised as one of the Legends of Barter his experiences in dealing with a broad range of reciprocal trading exchanges underlined the difficulties many organizations have faced in maximizing their potential to trade, and has broadened further still his knowledge and experience of working with a varied range of businesses and communities.

Aberdeen, Scotland

"Generating More Revenu It's the Name of The Game...and Also Ours!"

Gary Field, a graduate of Emory University is the President of Revenu. He has been selected by Georgia Trend Magazine as one of the best and brightest young Georgians and his company has been selected, by Forbes Magazine, as one of the top five companies in America worthy of investment. His business has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, American Airlines In-Flight-Magazine, CNN, Fox Business News, and ABC News.

 Atlanta, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Savanah,Tampa  USA

"More Customers - More Sales - More Profit"

Laurence (aka Laurie) McMurtrie is a dynamic business professional who has a proven track record of excellence in a diverse range of industry's including retail, international trade, government and diplomatic channels, sales, marketing, strategic management through to international business development.

In the Barter Industry, Laurie has exceeded at all levels and areas of this amazing industry, including;

World Record Holder For New Member Sales (Bartercard) - with the recruitment of 43 cash paying new businesses clients in 1 month.

Numerous global barter sales and trading achievements.

Corporate Barter Trading Specialist - facilitating numerous large one-off and continual deals from commercial aircraft, large distressed inventories, continual supply chains and more.
Laurie utilizes his strengths in marketing, sales and management to deliver a broad range of face-to-face training and development to all of BIZpaye's International operations.

 Austrailia, Thailand,  Philippines  


"Extra Sales - Improved Cash-Flow - Extra Profit"

Igor Hočevar and his business partners in Slovenia set up their Trade Exchange business partnering with Richard Logie (GETS) in 2013, the exchange is called Menjalko. They recognized that this was a way to help out the local community, by offering local businesses an alternative way to pay for their expenses and that anybody can trade, regardless of product or a service, as these businesses are all valuable and needed by the local community to keep the economy growing.

Although the project is still in its early stages, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia have also recognized this project as extremely valuable for the Slovenian economy, and have joined forces in implementing the trade exchange model in Slovenia. 

With the help of National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, they have already instigated the implementation of this model into markets of the former republic of Yugoslavia.

Menjalko have set a precedent in the Trade Exchange industry by acquiring the support of their member’s banks to guarantee their member’s credit loans, thus creating stringent and prudent credit issuing policies to ensure the sustainability of Menjalko.



"Building Your Business Through Trade"

Mary Ellen Rosinski, President of Tradesource, Inc., is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and brings to the business strong business administration, sales, and management skills. Mary Ellen is a student of global currency systems and has been recognized by her peers in the barter and trade industry and has been an advocate for small exchanges and their involvement with International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA).

Mary Ellen received the Legends of Barter Award at the 2009 IRTA Convention, an honor that recognizes members who have served and helped to shape and define the Industry over a period of ten or more years. Mary Ellen has also been the recipient of the IRTA Paul St. Martin Distinguished Service Award,   the IRTA Outstanding Achievement Award, and Appreciation Award.

She currently serves on the Global Board of IRTA as Treasurer. Mary Ellen has also served on the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) BANC committee and as the North America President for IRTA.

  Arizonia, Idaho USA